Hi There!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  We are Chris, Alison and Kerrington – welcome to a little section of our world!

Chris and I met in 2006, started our first “flip” by accident in 2007, married and had our daughter in 2008, and the rest has been history ever since.  We both have a love for houses, gardening and design.  I still remember the first time I went to Chris’s home when we began dating.  We spent several hours going over his recent renovations and discussing ‘ideas’ of what he could do to warm up his bachelor space!  I remember being so impressed with his eye for design and great talent!  Despite both of us having careers; renovations and DIYing has been our hobby and common bond throughout the years.  Many people wonder why we do what we do and many ask how we are still married through it all, but we really love it.  Its a passion and a treat to do this with a best friend.

At present we are renovating an Airstream.  Please join us along for what is sure to be a fun adventure as we turn this baby into something special.