We don’t drink much dairy in our house.  I buy a very small amount but because both K and C have dairy sensitivity I tend to avoid large quantities of it.  Lately though, I’ve been wondering about our Almond and/or Rice Milk and that Carrageenan additive that I’ve heard some conflicting reports on.

Today I opted to try my hand out at making Almond Milk.  Seems simple enough right?  Turns out, it is.

Its not necessarily cost effective since Raw Almonds can carry a hefty price tag but it only calls for a small amount and we always have lots of raw nuts on hand here.

Soak half a cup of almonds in water overnight. (I may have used closer to 3/4 cup since I eyeballed it).

almond milk 1

Drain and put into the blender with about 3-4 cups of water.

almond milk 2

Blend well.  I added the contents of one vanilla bean, some raw honey, a dash of almond extract, and 2 dates.  Because I do not have a very powerful blender I had to blend it for a few minutes.

almond milk 3

You will see vanilla flecks in there.  Put a cheesecloth or thin tea towel over a large bowl and pour in the Almond Milk.  Strain out the mixture.

almond milk 4

You can keep the almond mixture: it can be frozen or dehydrated and used for almond meal.  Lots of options with it.

almond milk 5

Pour into a jug or jar.  I think I read it lasts about 3-5 days.  I doubt ours will last more then 3 days though.

almond milk 6

I had some in my coffee after and it tastes, as expected, even better then the store bought stuff.  And it was uber easy to make too.