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Christmas Light DIY

Merry Christmas!  It has been so long since I have posted but I just HAD to share this DIY with you all!

Last year we found these amazing vintage glass lights from our local thrift store that are simply stunning.  When I came across the idea of painting ugly green strings gold I knew I […]

Three Sisters Tee-Pee goes Glam

We had a bit too much fun and got a little creative in the garden today!  There was a three-sisters mix that needed to be planted so we opted to have some fun with it by creating a tee-pee structure to trellis the seeds.

After we set the structure up we went searching for some […]

Creating a mini Corn Maze

We have been prepping the Corn Maze area for a while piling chicken manure into the mixture.  If you follow the blog, you might remember a while back when it looked like this:

The wood chips have rotted well with all the chicken manure added and it has broken down enough for us to plant […]

Building a Sunflower Fort

Yesterday, we built a sunflower fort.  (I will let you know how it turns out and be sure to chronicle its growth.) I have seen quite a few on pinterest and thought it would be so sweet to do.  We already have a ‘corn maze’ prepped so we opted to add some whimsy by […]

Cushion Re-do

Last week my Mom was out here from Ontario and we tackled decorating my front porch and back deck.  I do like my sectional on the back deck but the cushions were worn and faded.  We tried to dye them twice: once with a navy blue and the second with back dye and neither […]

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Porch Reveal – Country meets metal.

My mom has been out visiting and together we spent the last few days tackling my front porch to make a colourful “country meets metal” retreat.  We used lots of blues, reds with some touches of yellow and turquoise as well as lots of metal accents.  I created the “Keep Calm and Farm On” […]

C & A FarmStand is OPEN.

Our farmstand has been open for almost a week now.  Eggs are available for 4.50 each unless otherwise marked on the cartons.  We also have PAC CHOI and BROCCOLI MICRO-GREENS.  So good for you!

We are trying to keep the stand full of starts and replace throughout the day as needed but if you pop […]

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Growing the Elusive “Taste of Childhood”

Summertime as a kid is idyllic.  My own summer memories are hazy and luminous, much like those ultra hip and oh so romantic filters we all love to use on our instagram photos.  When I think of those long-ago summer moments there are two things that go along with them:  a soundtrack and a […]

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Why Are We Doing This?

Someone asked me recently, and very innocently: “why are you guys growing so much food?  It was a valid question in which I didn’t have a clear and ready answer.  It led me to reflect on why we choose to invest our time into turning our acre into an edible one and blogging about it.  After […]

Potato Planting – Back to Eden Way

We recently watched the documentary “Back To Eden” and it is a worthwhile watch!  ( Lots of very interesting information and he is based out of Washington, so a very similar climate to us.  We decided to plant the potatoes his way and see if we get any success.  We planted a few varieties:  a […]