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Almond Milk

We don’t drink much dairy in our house.  I buy a very small amount but because both K and C have dairy sensitivity I tend to avoid large quantities of it.  Lately though, I’ve been wondering about our Almond and/or Rice Milk and that Carrageenan additive that I’ve heard some conflicting reports on.

Today I opted […]

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The Art of Meal Planning.

We all know that creating a meal plan often saves inches, money and time in the long run.  We also know it is ‘smart’ to do, but many like me, hate doing it!  I know I can’t be the only one who dislikes making a meal “plan” for the week.  Its like, who has […]

Welcoming 2015 with some musings…

When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was leave my sleepy small town and head for the city.  I used to dream of fancy cars, fancy houses, and fancy clothes.  The exact opposite of what my sleepy town in Ontario Canada provided.  I grew up on a farm but I […]

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The Living Room – Final Paint Picks.

A while back I mentioned painting the living room BEN MOORE’s Hawthorne Yellow and the entry Great Barrington Green.


Well, this changed because the yellow looked practically neon in the living space and the green, while nice, was simply too dark since we had opted out of doing the white panel backing in the closet.

Once […]

Do you have the ugliest kitchen… DIY ideas on a budget.

Do you have an ugly kitchen, because we sure did at our Moss Street House.

The kitchen boasted orange finger painted swirls for a backsplash, never before washed wooden cabinets, as well as beautiful lino circa 1980.

Though ugly, the layout worked and we wanted to prove that you don’t need a ton of cash to […]

Being busy and making things pretty…

With Christmas being over we have cleaned up the old in preparation for the new.  I have been huddled in the house this past few days listening to tunes and cleaning, organizing, planning, painting and – my favourite- decorating!

I apologize to those who have been trying to get a hold of us or make […]

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Finding the Right Black

So black paint, much like white, is not easy to pick out.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to find ‘the right black.’  Thankfully, at our little local Home Hardware there is a young lady who clearly has an eye for colour and played a big hand in helping us “find […]

The thousand dollar egg, aka our first egg!

Well, it has finally happened.  We got our very first egg.  It has a value of about a thousand dollars and I think anyone who has had chickens would agree!

Believe it or not– I can’t imagine selling or even eating this first egg!

The excitement, satisfaction and high cost! 😉 of this first precious egg […]

Saying Goodbye to Madden

Its been a while since I have posted, and probably because I knew that this post was inevitable.  I simply couldn’t begin to write about happenings without honouring our beautiful boy Madden.

We lost our beloved Madden to leukemia soon after our last post and it was sudden, abrupt and heartbreaking.  He was truly the […]

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An Apple In A Glass

Yep, you heard me.  Thats exactly what this stuff tastes like!  An apple in a glass.  The best kind, too: sweet, crisp and FRESH.

Our very kind neighbours – I just LOVE North Saanich, everyone is genuinely nice – picked off our second tree and made some juice with us.

Here is a snippet of what […]