We inherited this awesome bed frame from family and have decided to use it in K’s new room at the Farm… Its still a work in progress but I love how it is turning out so far.  Its such an easy and fresh makeover.


While I normally am not a huge fan of spray painting a large piece, this is what we went with in a pinch to save on cost as well as the time.


We were so thrilled when my mother in law showed us this bedframe! It is going to be such a fantastic fit for our little girls room. After debating colours we went with the best colour available which was a sky blue.




Madden is usually not too far from her… ever, if he can help it!


wipe down


she is pretty excited to see it all come together!


We went inside while Chris did this part as the paint fumes were pretty strong.


This was as far as we got and it still needs another coat. I like the idea of distressing, especially because of the rough texture spray paint leaves on a large surface. If we distress it, and then seal it its much more smooth to touch.

I really do love what a can of paint can do.  My plan at this point for the frame is too finish it off with one more coat… distress and then seal it. However, while perusing Pinterest, I came across something that caught my eye and made me wonder about adding some extra detail to the headboard.  (inspiration from www.hayseedhomemakin.com) What do you think?

photo courtesy of http://www.hayseedhomemakin.com/2012/04/bookcase-for-cowgirl-june.html

Do you think it will be too much what with the headboard being distressed already? Any thoughts or ideas? Alison