Yes, thats right there is such a thing!  I have been looking up some information about them and how to construct one since I am pretty keen on creating some fun spaces in the new garden design.  While they should be fun and add an element of ‘design’, its important they have a function too.  Essentially, an insect hotel is a manmade structure created from natural materials.  Look them up online via google or pinterest and you will see a variety of shapes and sizes from basic to elaborate.

Basically, in the summer it is a nesting place and in the winter it is a hibernation place.  An advantage of a hibernation place is that all the insects are in your garden as spring starts. In warm climates the function of the hotel is for nesting and so that insects can find a dry place in the wet season.  Now you might be wondering why on earth do you want critters in the garden?!  Well, by creating an optimal habitat for insects in your garden it will stimulate the diversity of insects that will destroy lice and mites.  The result of diversity is an improvement of the ecological balance in the garden.

I have been putting some materials away and this is definitely on my to-do list for garden projects.