Yesterday, we built a sunflower fort.  (I will let you know how it turns out and be sure to chronicle its growth.) I have seen quite a few on pinterest and thought it would be so sweet to do.  We already have a ‘corn maze’ prepped so we opted to add some whimsy by attaching the sunflower fort and maze via a purple bean tunnel.

We started off by putting some ashes into already prepped dirt. (the log was placed there when we had to remove a tree and we just left it rather then move it and decided it would add some height to the fort.


We began by piling up the dirt/ashes mixture into a mount that curved and creating mounds from the trellis to the log.


We put some chicken manure onto the mounds.


Once we added this we created a trough in the mounds and filled with some sunshine mix we had here.  (organic kind)




We then planted the sunflowers directly into this.


I admit they look a bit pitiful at the moment but will grow big and strong and be so beautiful.  We went with the Tall Blend Mix by WestCoast Seeds.


Along the trellis we planted Purple Beans which have purple flowers and dark green foliage.  It is very pretty.  We also planted some Scarlet Runners over the Corn maze trellis too so the area should be awash in flowery goodness in the coming months.


Our plan beside the Sunflower fort is to add a “Three Sisters” teepee (corn, beans and squash), and some veggie rows beside the trellis.

I am not sure who is more excited about this kid-friendly area of the garden: me or my daughter!