Our farmstand has been open for almost a week now.  Eggs are available for 4.50 each unless otherwise marked on the cartons.  We also have PAC CHOI and BROCCOLI MICRO-GREENS.  So good for you!

We are trying to keep the stand full of starts and replace throughout the day as needed but if you pop by and don’t see what your looking for here is a full list of what we currently have.

(Prices are: 2.00 each or 3 for 5.00 unless marked otherwise)

Peppers:  California Wonder, Purple Beauty, Chocolate Beauty, Orange Sun, Pepperoncini

Leeks:  Varna

Celery: Tall Utah

Broccoli:  Green Magic, Everest

Artichoke:  Imperial Star

Napa Cabbage/Sui Choi

Cauliflower: Multi-colour Blend

Sunflower:  Tall Blend

Tomatoes:  Black Krim, Juliet, Old German, Jaune Flame, Amish Paste

Lettuce:  Super Gourmet Blend, Fast and Furious, Blade, Drunken Woman, Red Salad Bowl

Kale: Lacinato, Red Russian, Starbor

Swiss Chard:  Celebration

Zuchinni:  Jackpot

Squash:  Hubbard Baby Blue, Delicata, Pan Patty Scallopini, Early Butternut Squash

Spinach:  Vancouver

Mescluns:  West Coast Market Blend

Melons:  Halona, Sugar Baby, Honey Dew

HERB STARTS:  Rosemary, Sage, Purple Opal Basil, Sweet Basil, Kitchen Blend Basil, Nasturtiums, Chamomile, Thyme.