Faux Taxidermy Re-Vamp

I was in HomeSense a while back and came across this faux “deerhead” wall-art.

I had an old wooden box we happened to find in our garage that used to store old nails etc.  It looked this:

We recently did a gallery wall in the living room and I needed something more boxy then just the […]

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Warehouse Cart to Coffee Table

A friend of ours found this old warehouse cart abandoned in a yard while doing a job.  Knowing that we love to transform old vintage pieces he offered it up and we happily accepted.

It has been sitting in our storage for a few months but we tackled it today: sanding and staining.

This was the […]

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The Farmstand

We’ve been tuning up our farmstand and even took two old window frames to make a sandwich board.  We are going to put it down at the end of the driveway for passerby this next week to sell fresh eggs, veggie starts, herbs and other crafty things.

If your driving down East Saanich near the […]

My father

Over the years, I had many times tried to mentally prepare myself for my Dad’s passing, because he was never one to live life the easy way.  He lived hard and he loved even harder.  He was sort of a paradox for me, like the roughest of diamonds.  Hard but beautiful.  There was always […]

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Seeds – Our List.

I have been so busy planning our garden this past few weeks.  Ordering, organizing and planning has been the theme around here as of late.

We consulted recently with Hatchet and Seed , and got some great ideas, tips and inspiration and are ready and raring to go.

I’ve been recently chatting with a few friends and […]

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Greenhouse Reveal – Making a Greenhouse for under a 100.00!

Great news!  I am ready to share our greenhouse reveal.

We were fortunate to have a structure that was standing and able to be converted into a greenhouse.  We challenged ourselves to complete the greenhouse as cost efficiently as possible (we did it under a 100.00!), and with the ability to maximize the greenhouse space […]

Greenhouse Progress

Some progress was made on the Greenhouse.  We cleared it out on the weekend so Chris took out some of the walls and has slowly been working on it throughout the week when time permits.

The walls have been removed:

And it now looks like this:

Hopefully we can finish it up this weekend despite the rain […]

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The Greenhouse

We have for the most part picked out our seeds for this upcoming year and are starting to organize and chart so that we can get things into the greenhouse by the end of January.

Wait – what greenhouse you might ask?  Because yes, thats right we don’t currently have a  greenhouse.

But were gonna get (er make) […]

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Almond Milk

We don’t drink much dairy in our house.  I buy a very small amount but because both K and C have dairy sensitivity I tend to avoid large quantities of it.  Lately though, I’ve been wondering about our Almond and/or Rice Milk and that Carrageenan additive that I’ve heard some conflicting reports on.

Today I opted […]

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The Art of Meal Planning.

We all know that creating a meal plan often saves inches, money and time in the long run.  We also know it is ‘smart’ to do, but many like me, hate doing it!  I know I can’t be the only one who dislikes making a meal “plan” for the week.  Its like, who has […]