From the Classroom to the Dining Room – table makeover.

So we sold our Ikea Stornas table, in order to make room for something new.  I posted it on a local website and it sold almost immediately, which is no surprise – its a GREAT table.  My goal was to find something old and beautiful.  Think Windsor style chairs and a round table in […]

Distressing “The Barn”

Our garage is actually a barn in disguise.  No, really!  You should see the rafters in this structure.  It is spectacular and completely unexpected.  There is a real slew of possibilities with this space and we are starting first by stripping the paint and giving it a more rustic exterior.  We may eventually alter […]

Dresser Reveal.

I finally received the last knob from Lee Valley for Kerrington’s dresser.  HURRAH!!!

I went with the far right pink knob.  It is gorgeous and gives a mean sparkle when the sunlight hits it.

I put those babies on, had Chris hang the mirror and it looks darling!

I let her decide what she wanted to put […]

Simple Schleich Shelf – Progress in Kerringtons Room.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an appropriately sized trinket shelf for Kerringtons favourite Schleich toys, and so when I found this ever elusive sized shelf at Homesense, I was a very happy camper.

Ugly, isn’t it?

Seriously though, do you have any idea how hard these things are to find in Victoria, B.C?!  I mean […]

Tips for Distressing Furniture with Spray Paint.

Although I have yet  to delve into the world of Chalk/Milk Paints, I have done my fair amount of painting and distressing furniture with spray paint.  (I am planning to take a intensive one day workshop to learn different techniques with chalk/milk paints which I am really looking forward to).

So when it comes to […]

The Farm Stand Transformation

So remember that farm stand that we found on Used Victoria for 75 bucks?!

Chris picked it up earlier this morning and plunked it in our driveway.  It became our Sunday afternoon project — and wow, am I pleased with how it turned out!

This is what it looked like…. before.


Not gonna lie, when I first looked […]

From Grass To Garden presenting… “The Potager”

I am so excited to share this reveal with you all!  This was our first ‘project’ at our new home and while the garden is in its still in early stages we are hoping it will produce lots of food.

You might be wondering why we were in such a rush to get a vegetable […]

The Reveal: Kerringtons Equestrian/Horse Themed Room

As always, Kerrington’s room is the first room we tackle.  (probably because 1. she is a little bit spoiled but mainly because 2. we want her to have her own space while we tackle the rest!)

It all began with a bed frame we inherited from Chris’s Mom that we painted aqua.  (see DIY section […]

Driftwood Repurpose

We like to pick up interesting pieces of driftwood or beach finds and bring them home for later use.

This piece was a nice size and one lazy Sunday we were inspired while sprucing up our mudroom.  We had no place to hang our keys and we were constantly losing them.

Nothing in the stores had […]

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Ikea Stornas Table Re-vamp

When we purchased the Ikea Stornas table it was a compromise.  It was not the big farm table I had been wanting but it was big (it can fit 10 ppl around it), and on budget for its size.

We went with the antique stain and though I grumbled it didn’t have enough ‘character’, I […]