Hutch Transformation

I had been eyeing antique pieces to transform into a vanity for quite some time.  The problem was that the pricing for some of these pieces was outrageous!

Chris was certain he could tackle the project himself so we searched for a hutch that was nice enough to give us the look we wanted but […]

Bed Frame Re-do Update


So we have finished distressing the bed but I am still debating the horseshoe with detailing….

Do you think we should do it?  I am still uncertain if it might be too much.

(sorry for the mess around it!  Doesn’t make for the nicest back drop)



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Playful Purple Playhouse

I have always had an affinity for playhouses.  Perhaps it is because I never had one myself — as a child, we resorted to building forts or tree houses (if you were lucky!) but nothing like the playhouses that are available these days!

Bothering Chris to build something for K and then showing him some […]

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Bedframe Re-do

We inherited this awesome bed frame from family and have decided to use it in K’s new room at the Farm… Its still a work in progress but I love how it is turning out so far.  Its such an easy and fresh makeover.

I really do love what a can of paint can do. […]

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