The Farm House

Porch Reveal – Country meets metal.

My mom has been out visiting and together we spent the last few days tackling my front porch to make a colourful “country meets metal” retreat.  We used lots of blues, reds with some touches of yellow and turquoise as well as lots of metal accents.  I created the “Keep Calm and Farm On” […]

The Living Room – Final Paint Picks.

A while back I mentioned painting the living room BEN MOORE’s Hawthorne Yellow and the entry Great Barrington Green.


Well, this changed because the yellow looked practically neon in the living space and the green, while nice, was simply too dark since we had opted out of doing the white panel backing in the closet.

Once […]

The Entry: Painting FAIL and on-going battle of the paint finish.

So, I painted our entryway a few weeks back.  The living room is adjacent to the entry and it is going to be Hawthorne Yellow (by Ben Moore) and all trim will be Marscarpone (also by Ben Moore) and I wanted something to complement that so I went with Georgian Green.  Talk about fail. […]

Kerrington’s “Art” Nook Reveal

After a lot of contemplation – and over-thinking I finally took all the bits and pieces I had collected this last while and mish-mashed them to make Kerrington a pretty space to colour, draw and do her school work.  Here is a photo below of the space I started off with.

It began with a […]

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Simple Schleich Shelf – Progress in Kerringtons Room.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an appropriately sized trinket shelf for Kerringtons favourite Schleich toys, and so when I found this ever elusive sized shelf at Homesense, I was a very happy camper.

Ugly, isn’t it?

Seriously though, do you have any idea how hard these things are to find in Victoria, B.C?!  I mean […]

Kerrington’s Room – Updates.

We started Kerringtons room first, but because we wanted to maximize the nice weather, a great deal of our focus has been on completing many of our outdoor projects.

However, I’ve started getting antsy to get K’s room completed, and frankly — I JUST CAN”T TAKE THE MESS ANYMORE!!!  (there I feel a bit better […]

The Reveal: Kerringtons Equestrian/Horse Themed Room

As always, Kerrington’s room is the first room we tackle.  (probably because 1. she is a little bit spoiled but mainly because 2. we want her to have her own space while we tackle the rest!)

It all began with a bed frame we inherited from Chris’s Mom that we painted aqua.  (see DIY section […]

Horsin’ Around

I really, really should be packing today, (we move tomorrow) but instead I’m parked here making all sorts of vision boards for the new house.

As always, the first priority when we get into a new home is creating my daughters room.  It settles her easier and brings an element of excitement about the move.

We have already […]

only 2 days…..

The countdown is on…. only 2 – yes TWO sleeps until we are in the new house!


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Losing “The One” only to find “The RIGHT One”

Isn’t it funny how things have a way of working themselves out?
Just the very day after we lost “the one”, another home came on the market.
Better location, better house, beautiful property and walking distance to some key places for us.  (rec centre, farms, stores, pub, school, etc).  It was a bit more price-wise than […]

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