The Farm

The Greenhouse

We have for the most part picked out our seeds for this upcoming year and are starting to organize and chart so that we can get things into the greenhouse by the end of January.

Wait – what greenhouse you might ask?  Because yes, thats right we don’t currently have a  greenhouse.

But were gonna get (er make) […]

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The thousand dollar egg, aka our first egg!

Well, it has finally happened.  We got our very first egg.  It has a value of about a thousand dollars and I think anyone who has had chickens would agree!

Believe it or not– I can’t imagine selling or even eating this first egg!

The excitement, satisfaction and high cost! 😉 of this first precious egg […]

An Apple In A Glass

Yep, you heard me.  Thats exactly what this stuff tastes like!  An apple in a glass.  The best kind, too: sweet, crisp and FRESH.

Our very kind neighbours – I just LOVE North Saanich, everyone is genuinely nice – picked off our second tree and made some juice with us.

Here is a snippet of what […]

Phase One – Part 2!

Our grass to gardens is expanding.  We shared a few weeks back the beginning of  “Phase One” and are excited that we have made some progress since.

One thing I have been reminded of is that the power of machinery can be pretty awesome at times isn’t it?  In our case, if we had to […]

Phase One has begun!

So – exciting news – our 1 acre edible garden project has begun!

We started off with lots of evergreen foliage, and the plan was to tier the bank with trails and gardens and replace some of the evergreen trees we removed with fruit bearing trees.

We have spent a little too long marking and discussing […]

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Chick Frenzy – the babes have arrived!

Our little blue layers have arrived.  They are a Ameraucana x Whiteleghorn.

We already had in the brooder a pair of 2 week old Copper Maran chicks that we had exchanged for two roosters, and they have taken them under their wings: literally.  They each had a handful of chicks wrapped under their wings — […]

A Home for the Chicks – Progress

The countdown is almost over!  19 days ago, 6 dozen of the coveted blue eggs went into an incubator.

Here is the chart that Kerrington has been referring to for her official countdown.  We took this as an opportunity to teach her the formation of egg development.

In preparation for their arrival we have modified the […]

Giving the Feathers a Walk…

We let the feathers free range all morning.  This was their first time out and they were a bunch of champs.  We thought about keeping them out while we picked one of the apple trees.  Good thing we didn’t because we spotted about 3 hawks flying close.  Stay away from my feathers Mr. Hawk […]

Winter Planting.

It finally feels like Fall is here on the Pacific West Coast with the clouded sky and that constant looming promise of rain.  We have finished off the last bit of our delicious corn, and Halona melons (cantaloupe) and finally this past week we ate our own broccoli – it is SO less bitter […]

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An Apple A Day…

Apple Harvesting has begun!  We have some absolute beauties: huge perfect delicious King apples.  We are going to put them out on the stand for sale this week.

I am planning to do a LOT of canning so please send along any recipes you might have!