These fluffy buggers are pretty cool!  We have been working hard on our coop – ok, correction – Chris has been working hard to get the run in for them to get outdoors and frolic safely.  We will let them free range in the yard with us once they are bit older but right now we really have to get these little guys some area to roam.

With lots of predators waiting and ready to either swoop in or burrow below, Chris built an enclosure/compound tighter then Fort Knox!  The focus was on ensuring nothing gets in and nothing gets out, unless we want it too.

Chris dug holes for pressure treated 4X4 posts, which were set into concrete.

chicken run


All the roof supports were then installed.  The plan is to put a metal roof over top which we still have yet to do.


chicken run 2


We had heard nightmares about minks and raccoons burrowing under the wire and waking up to an entire flock annihilated.  We decided to bury the mesh around the perimeter of the coop to ensure anything digging wouldn’t get in.


chicken run 3


We put an exterior door into the run to allow ease of cleaning and allowing the birds in and out to free range easier.

Chris found a screen door at a local lumberyard that was a display model and so purchased for a wicked deal.

We just removed the screen and replaced with the metal mesh.


chicken run 5


The chicken door – painted by Kerrington- will move freely up and down on a track.  We have to add some more trim work to complete this.


chicken run 6


Kerrington and her friend had a blast helping Chris and the chicks were loving the extra space and attention.


chicken run 7


Still to complete:

-metal roof to be installed

-hinges and door handle.

-minor trim work

Phase 2:

We are going to paint the exterior of the coop the same colours as the house body and trim.  I have some ideas and plans for some signage, edible flowers and just generally make the exterior look as nice as the interior.