We have been prepping the Corn Maze area for a while piling chicken manure into the mixture.  If you follow the blog, you might remember a while back when it looked like this:

corn maze

The wood chips have rotted well with all the chicken manure added and it has broken down enough for us to plant in, though still a bit strong.

We decided today to plant our corn starts in and intersperse with sown corn.  The corn maze leads directly into a purple pole bean “tunnel” which opens up into the sunflower fort.


We felt that the mulch was still pretty strong so we gave it a good mix and created two rows of parallel troughs.  We filled the rows with a bit of sunshine mix.  Photo below is not a great photo but will give you a general idea.

Corn Maze 1

I was tasked with laying out the starts while Chris planted behind me.  We spaced them further apart then the picture shows. (about 5-6 inches)

The idea was to plant the outer most rows with the corn starts and the inner rows with the seeds.

corn maze 5

Afterwards we covered them up in the mix, and then surrounded them with the mulch/compost.  Ended up looking like this: (you can barely see the corn in the photo — but they are there!)

corn maze 6

I will be sure to take photos as it grows and fills in.