Last week my Mom was out here from Ontario and we tackled decorating my front porch and back deck.  I do like my sectional on the back deck but the cushions were worn and faded.  We tried to dye them twice: once with a navy blue and the second with back dye and neither took.  Finally, I was searching online and came across the idea of painting the cushions.  Painting them with spray paint – not fabric paint.  At first I was leery but by the time we had dyed the covers twice I was fed up, so we figured why not?

I picked up some Rust-Oleum (two cans) in a dark brown that was similar to what they were before they faded:


Needless to say it did the trick – and well!  I was uncertain whether it would come off on the clothes (it does not!), or that it might feel rough on the skin (no rougher then the material did before).  Basically, I would say it was a success and I would recommend it if you have old faded cushions you want to extend a little longer.  The photos below show the before and after results.  Not bad eh?





After (excuse the pods that had fallen from the tree!)

It is not perfect but sure looks a lot better and cleaner now.