So black paint, much like white, is not easy to pick out.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to find ‘the right black.’  Thankfully, at our little local Home Hardware there is a young lady who clearly has an eye for colour and played a big hand in helping us “find the right black”.  She allowed me on the store computer to show her my pinterest and knew exactly what I meant when I said things like” more depth”, “I want it to have brown, and grey in it” and ” a kinda faded, muted, modern black”.  When I start getting specific like that and spewing nonsensical descriptions, Chris tends to run away because he knows I am bordering on fanatical about the colour and it could get difficult (aka a lot of painting for him), but we managed to find, with minimal effort, the perfect black.  (thank you colour fairy at Home Hardware!)


This newfound love for black (I’ve always been a light and bright kinda girl) stems from a few photos I’ve fallen in love with.  Some of the elements of these photos below, especially when combined with rustic farm style pieces are the new inspiration, and have both Chris and I mutually agreeing on an overall ‘style inspiration’ for our house design.



The ‘vision’ is: clean whites and beiges in combination with black, brass and some classic yet rustic farm pieces throughout the house so it is all cohesive.  We began our re-design with a modest start by changing an old dresser from a cream colour to black.

We settled on what was suggested which was Ben Moore’s Black Beauty and I love how the colour of the dresser turned out.

dresser redo before

dresser redo after

We are going to seal it with a very matte/flat finish and then add some simple brass knobs.  The search for hardware begins!