So we sold our Ikea Stornas table, in order to make room for something new.  I posted it on a local website and it sold almost immediately, which is no surprise – its a GREAT table.  My goal was to find something old and beautiful.  Think Windsor style chairs and a round table in a gorgeous rich wood.  So when Chris sent me an ad for a table that was round, yellow and pretty wrecked I wasn’t too keen.  The price was right at 50.00 as was the size @ 5 ft across – but that was about all that was ‘right’ about it.

table makeover

table 7

The table was previously owned by a teacher whom had it in her classroom and they were eager to rid themselves of it so kindly delivered it over.  It was even uglier in person then in the photo, however I could see the potential there.

I’ve been working on the table slowly over the last few weeks and here is a sneak peek of where it is currently at.  I am not entirely pleased with the top and am still wondering on some finishing touches for this piece but will be sure to share the end result with you soon!

table makeover 3