Great news!  I am ready to share our greenhouse reveal.

We were fortunate to have a structure that was standing and able to be converted into a greenhouse.  We challenged ourselves to complete the greenhouse as cost efficiently as possible (we did it under a 100.00!), and with the ability to maximize the greenhouse space as best we can.  We were able to accomplish both of these. (more on maximizing the greenhouse space in a future post).

By using a frame we had already and taking off the roofing and panels and replacing with poly we saved a ton.  We also used a door we had here as a window which I love and think looks great next to the barn space.  Probably one of the best things was we were given some very good poly from the kind folk at Victoria Lavender Farm.  It required a washing but it did the job.

Have a look at what we started with:

greenhouse collage before

greenhouse 1

greenhouse 2

greenhouse 3

greenhouse 5

And what we ended up with:

greenhouse finished

I’m so pleased with how it turned out.  We thought about treating the wood so it would silver quicker but opted against it due to the time and effort involved.  We will let it silver naturally.  I love the ‘door’ we used like a window as it really ties in the barn and the green colour.

greenhouse finished 1

greenhouse done 2

The inside is a bit of a mess at the moment, and we still have some small details to complete.  Once we get going I am going to share with you some of our ideas and plans for maximizing our greenhouse space.

Happy Planting, its about to get pretty crazy around here as we start seeding out for the spring.