I really, really should be packing today, (we move tomorrow) but instead I’m parked here making all sorts of vision boards for the new house.

As always, the first priority when we get into a new home is creating my daughters room.  It settles her easier and brings an element of excitement about the move.

We have already purchased new bedding that she chose (All the Pretty Horses from Circo/Target), and her bed.

We have an antique dresser for her that is screaming out for some paint but I am uncertain on the colour as of yet so we are holding off on that until we get there. (she wants pink)

We have given her a lot of freedom with her choices for this room and I’m doing my best to let her make the decisions.  I do admit to steering her in certain directions when it starts to go really awry.

Admittedly, I am impressed with some of her choices and eye for colours that go well together.  She really does love helping me with the design process and shows much of her Dad’s creativity.

We spent a some time this morning picking out some pieces for inspiration and this board is all her!  (pretty impressive if you ask me!)

k equestrian themed bedroom