I had been eyeing antique pieces to transform into a vanity for quite some time.  The problem was that the pricing for some of these pieces was outrageous!

Chris was certain he could tackle the project himself so we searched for a hutch that was nice enough to give us the look we wanted but not too nice that we felt guilty about chopping it up.

Then came along this beauty.  Unbelievably, it was found in a field completely waterlogged by Chris’s sister.  (he convinced me it was salvageable)

Since it was completely drenched we let it dry it out a while.  Then Chris sanded it, repaired the doors, inserted the sink, cut the back drawers (as they needed to be shortened to allow for plumbing), and added the finish to ensure it would stand up to the bathroom moisture.

It was the perfect fit and size for the bathroom there and best of yet cost next to nothing!

hutch to vaity