When we purchased the Ikea Stornas table it was a compromise.  It was not the big farm table I had been wanting but it was big (it can fit 10 ppl around it), and on budget for its size.

We went with the antique stain and though I grumbled it didn’t have enough ‘character’, I also didn’t have 3-4 grand to spend on the table that I was eyeing.

To this day the search for the elusive extra long farm table is on…

In the meantime, we decided to give our trusty table a facelift.

It was sanded thoroughly and then banged it up a bit in places to give it a more aged look.  Chris painted the legs black and then distressed them to add a more rustic flair to the table.

He added a few coats of stain to the top as well as a sealant to smooth the roughness of the finish.

Overall, I love the look of the table now and I especially love that it can get a lot of us around it if need be.  We may just end up keeping this table longer then expected…

Ikea table re-do