After a lot of contemplation – and over-thinking I finally took all the bits and pieces I had collected this last while and mish-mashed them to make Kerrington a pretty space to colour, draw and do her school work.  Here is a photo below of the space I started off with.

k bedroom paint

It began with a window treatment (Circo Pretty Horses from Target) and table and stools from Ikea.

k nook.

I ended up moving the shelf and adding some art.  It now looks like this:

art nook 9

Then I added this shelf re-do to one of the walls in the nook opposite the window for the “play” aspect of her nook.

trinket shelf 2

But I still had this empty space:

kerrington room

After gathering bits and pieces I put it all together and the space now looks like this:

art nook 5

Art is from Target and HomeSense combined.

art nook 3

I added this blue cart from Ikea, (which, incidentally matched her bed perfectly!) that we had in her old room back at The Rhapsody and will fill it with her art supplies, paper, etc.  We had some containers that we had also purchased from Ikea and hung them off the side for her crayons, markers, etc.

art nook 4

Chris also hung a book holder.

art nook 7

I think for the most part we are finished with this room.  I still need to figure out her light fixture on the ceiling but I think the plan for now is just to paint it same colour as the green trim.