We started Kerringtons room first, but because we wanted to maximize the nice weather, a great deal of our focus has been on completing many of our outdoor projects.

However, I’ve started getting antsy to get K’s room completed, and frankly — I JUST CAN”T TAKE THE MESS ANYMORE!!!  (there I feel a bit better letting that out now…)  Her clothes and toys have been strewn about and its makin’ me crazy!

For the last while I have been mulling over (and driving Chris nuts!) about exactly what I wanted to do in her room with regards to storage and the corner nook.  You think it would be easy right?!

For storage, we bought and installed a regular closet organizer from ClosetMaid for her closet.  I was uncertain if I wanted to put a dresser in her room because the space is already small and there is limited room at the footboard of the bed.  However, after some thought and moving things around, I decided to incorporate a dresser we already had here. (while Chris sung hallelujah!)

This is the dresser we have decided to use for her room.

Kerrington dresser

The idea was to match the dresser to the existing bed frame.  To get the exact shade we needed to go the route of spray paint again.  I really wish I had discovered the chalk paint before I painted the frame — but c’est la vie as they say!

This process is started but not fully finished just yet.  I am also on the lookout for some cool knobs for the dresser.  As of right now, the dresser is painted but not distressed or sealed.

Kerrington Dresser 1 kerrington dresser 2 kerrington dresser 3

Kerrington dresser 5


The nook has remained mostly unchanged and we (I) have STILL not fully decided what to do with that space or how to configure it for her use.

Here is the nook right now: (in the photo the pink bookshelf will be placed beside the left side of the bed and the dresser will be in its place).

k nook.

As for the little nook space, I know that we want her to be able to keep the table/stools.  It’s taken some time to decide what to use in this space toy-wise but the verdict is out and it will be used for her colouring, dolls and Schleich figurines.  Speaking of figurines – do you have any idea how tough it is to find the right size trinket holder for Schleich toys?!??  I have been looking EVERYWHERE for something reasonably priced, at the right size. I finally came across something at Home Sense.  It was more then I wanted to spend but it was the right size, style and shape.

kerrington trinket shelf

At present, its not the right colour but I figured I could paint it pink to match the book case.  I’m still mulling whether I should modge podge the space between the shelves with some pink with white polka-dot paper.(to match the Circo Horses Bedding)

Something else I am uncertain on is the light fixture currently in the room.  I shouldn’t– but I kind of like it.  One part of me thinks it is hideous but another part of me doesn’t mind it one bit.

I’m pondering just painting the base a soft pink?  What do you think?  Am I crazy for even thinking to keep it?

light fixture k room

I am looking forward to seeing this room come together – I just know it has the makings to be a sweet little space.