Chris and I have been asked a lot of questions lately about House and Bloom and our future plans/thoughts/vision, so we thought we would answer some questions on here.

Our posts thus far have been rather impersonal and only giving a glimpse of our vision, but as things evolve I’m sure we will have more to share with you all.

The most asked question has been (with a healthy dose of incredulous skepticism):  How long do you think you guys will stay in this house?!  We are taking bets how long you last!  Now, those  that know us personally are aware we have bought, beautified and sold various houses.  I know we have said it before but for now, we are staying put.  This home is for the long-term.  We have a BIG beautiful (or should I say bountiful) vision for this home and we are ready and raring to go with a passion we have not felt in previous houses.  This place, is a HOME.

House and Bloom was initially started to share our interior plans, DIY design and ideas with a heavy focus on before and after transformations.  Yet, more and more we are focusing our energy outside and our vision is really coming together.  One interesting development has been our increased interest in an area we never gave much thought to before:  permaculture.  Our initial thoughts were that permaculture looked ‘messy’ and we preferred the look of orderly neat rows.  However, after much research we find ourselves gravitating towards this way of gardening and want to incorporate some of this in our plans.

We have been reaching out to members in our community as well as doing a multitude of research.  We have been discussing where we want to go with our vision and just how far we want to go with it.  We asked ourselves if we wanted to sell our food and focus on intensive growing in our “small” plot.  The answer for us has been a resounding YES.

To that end, we have been thinking and jotting down fun ideas to give the garden some flair as well as gardening styles we want to incorporate.  Most recently, we were visited by Dave Friend aka Mr.Organic of Growing Young Farmers to share with him our vision and get some ideas.  Mr. Organic is passionate about educating on the importance of local, organic and sustainable food sources.  He is providing something really special in our community in teaching children/young adults how they can play an active role in increasing our island’s sustainability and decreasing our dependence on imported food sources.  We are very keen to work with Mr.Organic and other members in the community as we turn our grass into something truly special.

We are especially passionate in sharing this with Kerrington.  In retrospect, she has been OUR inspiration in this lifestyle shift.  Children are naturally attuned to nature and can inspire us to live a more sustainable lifestyle and turn good intentions into positive action.

We hope you enjoy our journey as we grow and evolve.  We are feeling blessed, happy and motivated.  It doesn’t get much better then that!