Phase One – Part 2!

Our grass to gardens is expanding.  We shared a few weeks back the beginning of  “Phase One” and are excited that we have made some progress since.

One thing I have been reminded of is that the power of machinery can be pretty awesome at times isn’t it?  In our case, if we had to […]

Phase One has begun!

So – exciting news – our 1 acre edible garden project has begun!

We started off with lots of evergreen foliage, and the plan was to tier the bank with trails and gardens and replace some of the evergreen trees we removed with fruit bearing trees.

We have spent a little too long marking and discussing […]

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The Gentle Giant

Just had to share to a few photos with you all today, if this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will!

Our gentle giant, Madden made a new friend today!





Ending the 100 dollar Challenge

Yes, we ended our 100.00 in one month challenge… EARLY.

In an act of defiance we headed out to the nearest restaurant to devour our own favourites:  chicken fingers and fries for the kid, chicken tikka with a beer for the husband and curried cauliflower with quinoa for me.  I think its safe to say […]

Tree Stump Fairy House

My husband is brilliant!  Or rather, his friend Aaron – who cut our tree down – is brilliant!

Check out this tree stump ‘makeover’:


We plan to add some type of roof and dress it up – but I have to say this was one my most favourite ‘transformations’ on our property so far!

Just goes to […]

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From the Classroom to the Dining Room – table makeover.

So we sold our Ikea Stornas table, in order to make room for something new.  I posted it on a local website and it sold almost immediately, which is no surprise – its a GREAT table.  My goal was to find something old and beautiful.  Think Windsor style chairs and a round table in […]

An Easy Classic Bread

I used to be terrified of making bread, but it really is super easy – and there isn’t anything better then fresh baked bread with some butter.  Hmmm…

This is my foolproof ‘dough’ recipe.  You can roll it out to make breadsticks, bagels, buns, pizza dough – you name it!  Its that versatile.

Start off with […]

“Eat What You Have” Week 1 UPDATE

Well it has been 1 week since we started the “Eat What You Have” Challenge.  I must say this is not as easy as I had anticipated.  I’m going to better plan next week’s meals so that we can have some diversity and cut down on our starches a bit as this week it […]

The “EAT WHAT YOU HAVE” Challenge.

Grocery shopping in this house happens at least once a week.  Sometimes I plan ahead for the weeks meals and ingredients, but usually I just “buy whatever I feel like” and make meals from that.  By doing this, I am positive I spend a significant amount more!

Since building The Potager, we have saved lots on […]

Chick Frenzy – the babes have arrived!

Our little blue layers have arrived.  They are a Ameraucana x Whiteleghorn.

We already had in the brooder a pair of 2 week old Copper Maran chicks that we had exchanged for two roosters, and they have taken them under their wings: literally.  They each had a handful of chicks wrapped under their wings — […]