So – exciting news – our 1 acre edible garden project has begun!

We started off with lots of evergreen foliage, and the plan was to tier the bank with trails and gardens and replace some of the evergreen trees we removed with fruit bearing trees.


We have spent a little too long marking and discussing how we wanted to tackle the front slope while getting a good size stockpile of wood chips, leaves, manure and cardboard.  We were fortunate to have Island View Tree Service dropping loads of wood chips which will be used for layering in the gardens and pathways.

garden prep


After more discussion of our plan Chris called Mark Benson, a local farmer who resides in North Saanich to enquire about more manure and it just so happened he was around the corner with his equipment and came by.  Next thing we new – this was happening:

garden prep

We had him clear all the evergreen brush that was well rooted.

garden prep 5

The next day he returned with 10 yards of aged manure and his farm tractor.  We then began the process of layering wood chips and manure (lasagna style gardening).  The material will compost together and be excellent for planting in the Spring.

garden prep 3

We put cardboard below the wood chips to create a flowing path between the beds to make for easier harvest/weeding.

garden prep 9

garden prep 7

garden prep 6

We will be top coating the beds with a mulch to help keep the weeds down and give us some nice soil as things compost down together.

A special thanks to Mark Benson for his work – we highly recommend him.  Here is more information about Mark and his services

Will be sure to update you as we progress along.