Our grass to gardens is expanding.  We shared a few weeks back the beginning of  “Phase One” and are excited that we have made some progress since.

One thing I have been reminded of is that the power of machinery can be pretty awesome at times isn’t it?  In our case, if we had to do this all by hand – it would have taken us forever.  The good news is that because Chris has a bum hand at the moment – he has not been able to do a lot of tasks and this was something he wouldn’t have been able to do.  We had to get the gardens in so we had to do this all by machine.  Once again, thanks to Mark Benson for his stellar work.

Check out where we are at with progress.

garden prep 2


garden prep 1

garden prep 5

garden prep 4

garden prep 8

garden prep 6



It’s getting there isn’t it?