We recently watched the documentary “Back To Eden” and it is a worthwhile watch!  (www.backtoedenfilm.com) Lots of very interesting information and he is based out of Washington, so a very similar climate to us.  We decided to plant the potatoes his way and see if we get any success.  We planted a few varieties:  a mixed blend, banana, kennebec, and yukon gold.  Most were from West Coast Seeds.

planting potatoes 2

Chris took his shovel and created a trough to line the potatoes up.

planting potatoes 3

planting potatoes 5

We then tasked Kerrington with putting in the potatoes. (We gave her a stick to ensure they were spaced correctly).

The Back to Eden way is to put the potatoes in whole and so we did.

planting potatoes 4

planting potatoes 6

We then covered them up, labelled them and will wait for them to grow.  Potatoes are a great thing (and easy) to grow with kids.

Kerrington thoroughly enjoyed herself planting these.

planting potatoes 7

I will be sure to update you on how these turn out and our yields from them.