Rosemary is so aromatic and probably my most favourite herb aside from cilantro.  I love it so much that I even put it in vases throughout the house because of the lemony fresh scent.  It also lasts a really long time with fresh water so its perfect for the kitchen windowsill.

Its a great shrub for the garden or yard and it can get pretty big, give it a google and look at how lovely it can look.

Yesterday, we spent an hour or so propagating rosemary from our huge rosemary shrub and it was so easy I thought I would share.  We did use a rooting hormone to propagate, but if you are worried I’ve heard honey, apple cider vinegar and even saliva can be used instead.  (We are going to try one of these with our next batch and compare to see how it turns out.)

Here’s the step by step:

rosemary 1

rosemary 2

rosemary 3

rosemary 5

rosemary 6

rosemary 8