I have been so busy planning our garden this past few weeks.  Ordering, organizing and planning has been the theme around here as of late.

We consulted recently with Hatchet and Seed , and got some great ideas, tips and inspiration and are ready and raring to go.

I’ve been recently chatting with a few friends and family and wondering what they are growing or what varieties they are growing.  A few asked what we are growing so I thought I would list what we opted to go with this year.

Our Seed Order this year looks like this and is 99% from West Coast Seeds:

Amaranth: Loves Lies Bleeding and Hopi Red Dye

Artichoke: Imperial Star

Arugula: Dragons Tongue and Wildfire

Beans:  Runner, tricolour bush, and purple pole

Beets:  Touchstone, Chioggia, Boro, Beet Blend

Broccoli:  Everest, Green Magic, Hybrid Blend

Cabbage: Rescue

Carrots:  Cosmic Purple, Rainbow Blend, Paris Market, Nantes Coreless, Yellowstone, White Satin

Cauliflower:  Multi-colour, Amazing

Celery:  Tall Utah

Collard:  Champion

Corn:  Kandy King, Honey Select, Peaches n Cream

Cucumbers:  Sweet Slice, Picolino, Wisconsin


Kale:  Red Ursa

Leeks:  Varna

Lettuce:  Super Gourmet Blend

Melons:  Sugar Baby and Halona

Onions:  Copra, Candy

Potatoes:  Fingerling, Organic Mix, Yukon

Sui Choi

Peas:  Green Arrow

Peppers:  California Wonder, Orange Sun, Purple Beauty, Chocolate Beauty

Quinoa:  Red Head

Spinach:  Vancouver

Squash:  Spaghetti, Tromboncino, Pan Patty Blend, Baby Blue, Butternut

Swiss Chard: Celebration

Tomato:  Amish Paste, Arbason Beefsteak, , Sakura, Jaune Flamme, Black Krim

Herbs: Chamomile, Basil Blend, Purple Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Sage, Thyme

Microgreens: broccoli, pea shoots and pac choi.

Here’s hoping for a good season of real food.

What are you growing this year?