I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an appropriately sized trinket shelf for Kerringtons favourite Schleich toys, and so when I found this ever elusive sized shelf at Homesense, I was a very happy camper.

Ugly, isn’t it?

kerrington trinket shelf

Seriously though, do you have any idea how hard these things are to find in Victoria, B.C?!  I mean how hard can it possibly be to find a trinket shelf?!  And when I did find any, they were ridiculously priced for what it was!  Anyways, I am happy to say that my woeful search for an appropriately sized shelf for these favourite figurines has finally come to an end!  BOO YA!!!

In case you are wondering what the heck Schleich figurines are: http://www.schleich-s.com/en/CA/.  We love them in our house.  They are Mom and kid approved and probably my daughters most beloved and most played with toys.

Back to the shelf, my search was focused on something that was already finished, but since I was impatient and my search was bleak, when I saw this unit I jumped all over it.  After painting it Ben Moore’s Pink Cadillac to match the bookcase in her room, I sprayed it with a sparkle clear coat.  You don’t really see the sparkles except for a slight sheen when the sun hits it.  Subtle, but pretty.  I did debate decoupaging some polka dot printed paper between the shelves but decided that it would be too busy and also wouldn’t ‘showcase’ the figurines.

We hung it at an appropriate sized height for her and let her go to town placing her most favourite little friends on it.

trinket shelf

It was great to finally spend some time focusing on her room and getting some of the pieces together.  So much of our focus has been outside that we sort of forgot to finish up some of the projects we started in her room. Although, I can’t entirely blame our exterior work, because part of the problem getting her room organized, is that its been a challenge for me to find that balance between pinterest perfect and realistic.  I find myself often pinning or saving photos on my computer that are NOT a realistic depiction of what a kids room will look like.  Many of those same photos are also not realistic when it comes to actual storage. Those sparse perfect rooms just aren’t real, and so when it comes to kid rooms I just like to see it look and function like a kids room, you know?

trinket shelf 2

So, Im happy to have one wall completed in the nook.  Which brings me to the next wall space in the nook that I want to focus on.

This is what is looks like.  One shot is up close and the other from a few feet away.

kerrington room art display


kerrington room

I would like to somehow incorporate her own art into her room so I was thinking of different ways for her to display her art.  There is also the issue of storage for her crayons, and paper too.  I don’t want to crowd the space out too much either because I love the view and her window so this is something I have been giving some thought too as well.

Any suggestions?