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Phase One – Part 2!

Our grass to gardens is expanding.  We shared a few weeks back the beginning of  “Phase One” and are excited that we have made some progress since.

One thing I have been reminded of is that the power of machinery can be pretty awesome at times isn’t it?  In our case, if we had to […]

Learning the Basics and an Exciting Announcement!

Chris and I have learned a lesson regarding the planting of tomatoes.  The lesson is this:  don’t do what we did.  We planted them WAY too close together and the result was a mess.  We would have had tons of gorgeous tomatoes had we only spaced them apart further.  The fact that we got […]

Coop Update – Phase One almost complete.

These fluffy buggers are pretty cool!  We have been working hard on our coop – ok, correction – Chris has been working hard to get the run in for them to get outdoors and frolic safely.  We will let them free range in the yard with us once they are bit older but right […]

On a more personal note…

Chris and I have been asked a lot of questions lately about House and Bloom and our future plans/thoughts/vision, so we thought we would answer some questions on here.

Our posts thus far have been rather impersonal and only giving a glimpse of our vision, but as things evolve I’m sure we will have more […]

Move-In Day for the chicks

It was move in day for the feathers!  While the project is not entirely finished – there is still a lot we need to do with the space – we wanted to get them in there as soon as possible.

We will do a post about the Coop from start to end but I really wanted […]

A home fit for the chickens

We have been hard at work getting the coop ready for our chickens.  The chicks are starting to get bigger and outgrowing their ‘box’ and we want to get them into the coop as soon as we can.

Here is where we are at with the coop progress:

We still have some finishing touches to do […]

Veggies and Chickens – oh my!

We got chickens!  It all began with a pretty innocent visit to a local lavender farm.  We had spent some time talking to the farmer, and he had some unsexed Black Copper Maran chicks.  Before we knew it we planned to take six of them.  We all then came down with a pretty bad […]

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The Farm Stand Transformation

So remember that farm stand that we found on Used Victoria for 75 bucks?!

Chris picked it up earlier this morning and plunked it in our driveway.  It became our Sunday afternoon project — and wow, am I pleased with how it turned out!

This is what it looked like…. before.


Not gonna lie, when I first looked […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…

So, was perusing pinterest today and came across THIS:


And that was it for me.

Project number two begins…

From Grass To Garden presenting… “The Potager”

I am so excited to share this reveal with you all!  This was our first ‘project’ at our new home and while the garden is in its still in early stages we are hoping it will produce lots of food.

You might be wondering why we were in such a rush to get a vegetable […]