painted furniture

Dresser Reveal.

I finally received the last knob from Lee Valley for Kerrington’s dresser.  HURRAH!!!

I went with the far right pink knob.  It is gorgeous and gives a mean sparkle when the sunlight hits it.

I put those babies on, had Chris hang the mirror and it looks darling!

I let her decide what she wanted to put […]

Tips for Distressing Furniture with Spray Paint.

Although I have yet  to delve into the world of Chalk/Milk Paints, I have done my fair amount of painting and distressing furniture with spray paint.  (I am planning to take a intensive one day workshop to learn different techniques with chalk/milk paints which I am really looking forward to).

So when it comes to […]

Kerrington’s Room – Updates.

We started Kerringtons room first, but because we wanted to maximize the nice weather, a great deal of our focus has been on completing many of our outdoor projects.

However, I’ve started getting antsy to get K’s room completed, and frankly — I JUST CAN”T TAKE THE MESS ANYMORE!!!  (there I feel a bit better […]