The Dysart was about symplifying.  We purchased this two bedroom one bath house and gave it some heart!   Our budget was small and our vision was big.

Of all of our homes, this is the one that I needed some real convincing to purchase.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to live in such a small space and was pleasantly surprised that I actually loved it!  It was a year of coming closer as a family.

Though small and not an extravagant makeover, this little gem shone and had a really nice energy about it.  I remember feeling a sense of ease in this place despite all the renovations.


This is the before shot of the outside….


dysart front yard before                              dysart before front


Some after shots… (some people were not keen on the orange but I felt it was a fun pop and the buyer actually kept the door bright, cheery orange!)

dysart front after                             progress dysart


The side yard was adorable and had a few fig trees, apple and various nuts as well as a good size space for a vegetable garden.

side yard before                            side yard progress


As has become our custom we made a little corner for our fairies 🙂

fairy garden dysart


Here is the living space.  The photos are our actual before and after mls shots.  These rooms really were just ripping up carpet, sanding and staining hardwood as well as smoothing the textured walls and ceilings.  Oh and painting the fireplace.  The space felt so much larger after!

Unknown       GetMedia-12


The kitchen was our biggest project and we went ultra modern with this one.  I absolutely loved this kitchen!  It was quirky, fun and oh so beautiful.

before during almost kitchen kitchen closer


The last shots are the MLS shots and I apologize for how tiny they are.

I loved the bright pops of colour in this kitchen.  It really was a joyful space.


The red chest doubled as a pantry storage and space for our larger kitchen accessories.

kitchen dysart another angle


I think the biggest WOW transformation in this house was the bathroom.  It was PINK.  VERY VERY PINK.

bathroom before

Is that not the ugliest bathroom you have ever laid eyes on?!  Seriously though….

And here is the after:

bathroom after


This house was very fun to do and we still drive by every once in a while to see if they have kept that orange door!