Grocery shopping in this house happens at least once a week.  Sometimes I plan ahead for the weeks meals and ingredients, but usually I just “buy whatever I feel like” and make meals from that.  By doing this, I am positive I spend a significant amount more!

Since building The Potager, we have saved lots on fresh vegetables and lettuces.  However, I still estimate I am spending around 600-700 a month on groceries – for three of us.

The other day while watching TV, I came across a show on TLC about extreme couponing and must admit to being somewhat fascinated by the whole process.  It got me questioning my own grocery bill and wondering how I can cut down costs and spend smarter.

In light of this, I decided to challenge myself to a budget of 100 or less on groceries from now until November 19 without compromising the quality and healthful benefits of our food.  My strategy to achieve this is by eating through our freezer, fridge, pantry and garden.

Here is my pantry and fridge (not pictured is my deepfreeze which is actually pretty sparse, though we do have 2 whole chickens, and a leftover frozen cooked turkey for soup in there!).

The fridge looks scarily low on fresh contents but the garden has an abundance of carrots, broccoli and kale producing right now which helps.

pantry challenge 1

At the end of each week I will update you on what we ate (along with any good recipes), as well as what we bought and how much.

For example, today we had:

B:  Sausage, potato, onion and kale hash with fried eggs

L:  kale salad and toasted english muffin

D:  Roasted Pumpkin soup with WASA crackers and cream cheese.

The latter part of my day was spent making cheese bread sticks, pumpkin muffins and pear cardamom fruit leathers to carry Little Miss through the week for lunches.  I also compiled a list of possible meal ideas for the next month.

Chris doesn’t think we can do it and grumbled something about eating porridge and kale for every meal- so now I’m even more determined to do it and prove that we can eat well.

Wish me luck!