So, I painted our entryway a few weeks back.  The living room is adjacent to the entry and it is going to be Hawthorne Yellow (by Ben Moore) and all trim will be Marscarpone (also by Ben Moore) and I wanted something to complement that so I went with Georgian Green.  Talk about fail.  Here is the before:


This is the after.


On its own Georgian Green is not a bad colour, and you are always supposed to paint trim first – and this wasn’t painted which didn’t help, I know — but it still looks like hospital green.  We even went and changed the light bulb thinking maybe it was the lighting.  No go.  Still hospital green.  Also, a small argument ensued on going with a matte vs an eggshell finish.  See, the matte is more expensive because you need to go with a washable paint (especially in an entry, and a small one at that!) and Chris insisted the entry paint in eggshell would be just fine, and the matte is impractical in this case, given that we would not be getting the more expensive paint.  I get his point, it all makes sense but the eggshell looks shiny to me, and you can see the texture WAY more.  So I vote we go matte and spend the extra money on the paint.

So since this is still an on-going ‘discussion’, we have not rushed out to buy the new  paint colour.  The verdict is still out on who is going to win this battle of the paint finish 🙂

Paint finishes aside a colour decision has been reached and we picked out Great Barrington Green:


Now I realize that an entryway typically should be light especially if I have to do the ceiling, and this is a dark colour but I’m going to take the plunge and give it a go.

So here is the basic plan for this room:

1.  Paint trim Marscarpone, walls Great Barrington Green – all Ben Moore.

2.  A new light fixture

3.  Put some beadboard part way up in the far closet wall only (also painted marscarpone to lighten up the space).

3.  Put hooks in place of rod in closet.  The trim will be white and with some nice black antique style hooks.

4.  A shelf higher up with some baskets to hold specific items. (I already have the baskets which are metal and burlap)

5. Some plates (one of which has a cow on it) hung.

6. A ‘welcome’ sign I picked up a while back but have been holding onto will be hung.

7.  Under the welcome sign: A place for keys, some school papers and mail. ( I also have the items needed to do this and they match with welcome sign)

8.  A small rug