So remember that farm stand that we found on Used Victoria for 75 bucks?!

Chris picked it up earlier this morning and plunked it in our driveway.  It became our Sunday afternoon project — and wow, am I pleased with how it turned out!

This is what it looked like…. before.

farm stand before


farm stand before side

Not gonna lie, when I first looked at it I secretly thought to myself:  “we paid 75 dollars for that?!”

We set to work on it immediately.  After rummaging through some of our leftover paint/stain, we settled on this dark navy/black Ben Moore and a medium brown for the wood top.

We removed the back and side panels and painted the frame and stained the wood to start.

While that was drying Chris cut some scrap wood he had lying around that matched perfectly with the table top to the stand.  I just love the rustic edge to the front of the stand.

Chris then built the bench to go underneath and stained it to pull the look together and allow for some more display space.

Unexpectedly, and because we ran out of paint, we painted the cash box a burnt red — but I actually love how it turned out!

The sign I made myself and I’m no artist but hey — its legible at least, right?!

farm stand after


farm stand after 3

farm stand after 2

You know what the best part is — no Chris, not that you proved me wrong!!!– its that we didn’t spend a dime to update it!

At this point I’m thinking 75 dollars was a FANTASTIC deal.

Here is one more side by side shot so you can see the comparison.

farm stand before and after 2

farmstand before and after

Now to get some produce,  (and eventually some eggs and honey) to stock those shelves!