We have for the most part picked out our seeds for this upcoming year and are starting to organize and chart so that we can get things into the greenhouse by the end of January.

Wait – what greenhouse you might ask?  Because yes, thats right we don’t currently have a  greenhouse.

But were gonna get (er make) one.

While i was having visions of a greenhouse that looks like this:

greenhouse inspiration

Our budget informed me we are looking at this:

greenhouse collage before

Somehow I need to transform the bottom collage into something like the top collage.  That should be easy, right?! HA!

Pipe dreams aside and practicality rearing its ugly head, it just makes sense to work with what we have  and the space is the rights size, the gravel is already down and it should be a pretty easy transformation not to mention economical.

In light of this, we spent last weekend emptying the “greenhouse” out and organizing so thankfully that is finished and we can actually move in there now.

Our plan is to cover it in poly, though we are also looking at perhaps adding some sort of plastic roofing as well.  We will be finishing it up this weekend so that it is ready to go for the week after and I will be sure to keep you updated on the its progress.

I have a few ideas to ‘glam it up’ (pastel doors anyone?!)… so we will see what and how much Chris lets me ‘decorate’.