A while back I mentioned painting the living room BEN MOORE’s Hawthorne Yellow and the entry Great Barrington Green.


Hawthorne Yellow



Great Barrington Green

Well, this changed because the yellow looked practically neon in the living space and the green, while nice, was simply too dark since we had opted out of doing the white panel backing in the closet.

Once we realized that these colours were not going to work, it brought us back to square one so we re-evaluated our design plan/ideas for the house.  We discussed at length budget, renos, layout and the result was a completely different game plan.

We made the decision NOT to renovate and simply work with what we have on the main floor space.  This is cost effective, but also keeps the originality and charm of the house which we so love.  This means I will not get the huge kitchen I so desire but ripping down walls in this home, just doesn’t feel ‘right’ and I am growing to love my little country kitchen.

Alternatively, we decided that we are going to paint the entire main floor space (entry, living, dining and kitchen space) in Ben Moore’s Natural Linen with Cloud White Trim to keep the space feeling open and cohesive.


Natural Linen


Cloud White

That said, we began and to date have finished painting in our Entry and Living Room (final reveal of the entry to come shortly).

Please excuse the mess but here are the before and after PAINT pictures for the living room space.

living room paint 3


living room paint after


I love how much lighter it looks.  Its warm but clean.  The problem with the varying shades on the walls, cove and ceiling BEFORE was that when paired with a crisper white (like our slipcover furniture) the trim tended to look dingy.

living room paint 4


living room paint after 3


Now that the space is painted our current plans are as follows:

1.  Paint the brick and the wood stove.

2.  Add tile to fireplace floor.

3.  Find and install two sconces that have an industrial farm influence.

3.  Find a very large jute rug or another that will fit the space.

4.  Hang a vintage bird cage with Edison light (a DIY project)

5.  Hang up pictures/art