As always, Kerrington’s room is the first room we tackle.  (probably because 1. she is a little bit spoiled but mainly because 2. we want her to have her own space while we tackle the rest!)

It all began with a bed frame we inherited from Chris’s Mom that we painted aqua.  (see DIY section for more on this)



Initially, I wanted to go more “equestrian themed”, with a more grown up “big girl” feel but after several conversations with Kerrington, I had a change of heart and figured this might be one of our last opportunities to be ultra feminine and sweet so I opted for a much softer look.

Kerrington was very active in making choices for her room (which at times challenged me I admit) and we started a pinterest board for sources of inspiration and poured over paint swatches for colours.

(link to pinterest board:

One area of contention was her choice of bedding.  She chose Circo Pretty Horses bedding (much to my chagrin) after having seen it months ago while we were shopping in Target and had her heart set on it.  I have to say I would have chosen something else and did try my best to sway her but she really wanted the Circo bedding, horse picture and curtains.  She loved the whole she-bang and had been talking about it for quite some time so even though it created a bit of a challenge for me we went with it.

I did spend one morning with her at the computer creating her very own inspiration board and this is what I based the final reveal off of.  This was entirely of her choosing and I tried my best to stay true to her vision.

k equestrian themed bedroom


After a lot of ‘discussions’ surrounding colours I finally chose:  Simply White for the walls, Pink Cadillac for the stripes, Pale Vista for the trim, and Pink Peony for the doors.  (all Benjamin Moore Paints)

K bedroom paint colours

Wanting to surprise her, we decided to tackle the room while Kerrington was away for the week at her Grandparents with all her cousins at their annual “Papa Camp”.  We basically had about 3 days to pull it all together for her surprise reveal.

Painting was quite the marathon and It took Chris three coats of the Simply white to cover the dark walls (it was a paint and primer in one too!), but it was SO worth it.  Its a really nice soft pure white and although I was nervous about going all white I am so pleased we did.

Here is the before and after during the first stages.

bedroom K before 3

k bedroom paint 2

The next step was to get the stripes onto the wall.  It was a bit tedious measuring it out to make sure the layout looked good and the lines were level.  The tape we used was excellent – do not cheap out here!

(we used Shurtape available at Ben Moore)

k bedroom stripes before


While Chris took care of the stripes I spent a bit of time painting some previous bargain finds.  Horse head from HomeSense and the picture frame from Urban Barn – both purchased at very discounted pricing.

frame before k room    frame painted K room  kerrington horse painted


We decided at the last minute to do something  with a horseshoe that Kerrington had recently been given by her instructor at her very first Horse Camp.  We decided to shine it up and affix it to a piece of wood with some hooks.  It was a fun and easy project to do.

Chris cut some wood we had laying around and we painted and distressed the wood.  Since it was last minute, I went out that day looking for some hooks that had a bit more rustic appeal but couldn’t find any so we went with basic white hooks.  I think the overall presentation looked great in her room.

Below was the process:  Chris took a hammer and banged the wood up quite a bit to enhance the ‘distressed look’ after cutting to desired size.

horseshoe hook before

I then gave a coat of paint to it with some of the leftover aqua paint we had.

horseshoe hook painted

Then came some quick distressing and sealing.

horseshoe hook sanding

Here it is in the room.  I think it turned out great as a quick last minute project.  It also tied in the bed a bit more.

horseshow on wall after k room

Here is the final reveal (some before and after shots)

Bedroom K BEFORE

k bedroom after


bedroom before K

k bedroom after - progress

This was her reaction when she walked into the room!  She was speechless — and for our little girl that is saying a lot!  She was thrilled and absolutely loved it!

the reaction k's room


She set up shoppe immediately, playing with all her horses.


playing in her room

I am so pleased with how it all turned out and how much we accomplished.  It was exhausting but so worth it!  I love her space and all the character her room has to it.  She also has a really darling view from her window (by the way, in case you might be wondering, all windows in her room will only crack open a bit — we have modified them so she is unable to open them fully due to safety reasons!)

The view from her window (overlooking the upper vegetable garden)

k bedroom view

Although we did a lot we still have some things left to do:

-paint her closet interior and setup a closet organizer.

-spend a bit more time figuring out how to display her personal art, wall art, as well as create a Schliech display unit in the nook with the table.

-make use of the storage space beside her bed.  (Chris wants to configure it to look more like a barn with a window cut-out in the wall which would be adorable but it a pretty big project in itself!)

I am overall happy with what we accomplished this past week and our little gal is THRILLED with her new space.

What do you think?  We would welcome any suggestions for the table nook!