The Spring was a house we had a serious love/hate affair with.  It was three acres with a horse paddock, separate cottage accommodation, and a 5 bedrooms and 2 bath house.

It was a huge property that had been overrun with nature and a large interior that required updating in EVERY room.

Everything needed to be done.  When we moved in I was about 5 months pregnant and we didn’t even have a driveway — how was THAT going to work???!!!!

But we were still foolish enough to assume that we didn’t bite off more then we could chew between our full time jobs, a new baby, 2 dogs and now a 3 acre piece of property that was over run with spiders.

All kidding aside, we really did turn this place around, taking it from a vacant, aging and tired home to a freshened, west coast home set amongst a Garry oak meadow.

Below left photo is what the entire front of the yard looked like!  Our first mission was to put in a driveway and clear some of the trees in the front to make a yard.

driveway and front yard before and after


Off to the right of the driveway was the cottage.

GetMedia copy 5

Our first project after the driveway was working on clearing brush and creating spaces around the property that included: pond/waterfall, stairs, pathways, garden beds etc.

pond before                    pond progress

garden progress                     path progress

And of course our first ever ‘faerie garden’ we created for our little girl that has become a tradition in every home we have lived.

fairy garden spring road

One of the things we agonized over was the exterior colour of the house.

I absolutely hated the brown on brown… but when we went a clay colour with cream trim we still weren’t satisfied.

When we finally painted the whole thing clay and the doors black we found a colour that we both enjoyed and could live with.

house colours spring

After tackling much of the exterior, we really started getting creative with the interior as we simply didn’t have the money to  change things the way we wanted too.

This home was probably the one that challenged us the most with our very limited budget.

For the interior I wanted to brighten and modernize the space but having spent the bulk of our budget outside we needed to prioritize and use as much of our current items as we could.

We painted the woodstove and brick, dry-walled around the posts,, repurposed an old table to a coffee table and painted EVERYTHING.


living space before and after


For the kitchen we ripped out the wall, but kept the same configuration.

kitchen makeover


We aimed to keep the space bright and light and so we painted out all the wood…. Here is a snippet of some of my favourite spaces around the house.


favourite spaces on Spring   bedroom girls


We were really relieved when we sold Spring, though interestingly we have had conversations about what we could have done with the space now that our financial situation is better.

The buyer of this property was a serious gardener and kept the old tenants that we rented the cottage too.  They told us that she has since expanded the gardens, paddocks and is always outside doing work.

That brings us such joy since this home really was about the property and the sheer beauty and nature that abounded there.

Of all the photos I have of Spring, this is the one that I really feel showed the essence and beauty of this property.  It was like having our very own park.


gorgeous bliss