As serial movers, we have learned a thing or two about moving with a kid(s).  We have learned not to overcomplicate it.  Our method to moving with our daughter thus far has been to keep it simple and to the point with carefully crafted bribery and/or coercion.

Just kidding (kind of).

Seriously though, the number one thing on our list  when moving is ensuring the “kid space” or “kid room” is completed as quickly as possible.

At the very least, its good to have a plan in place in which they ‘think’ they are part of or have helped in part to formulate. 😉

This time we have offered her a pretty sweet deal:  She will get one of the ‘shed’ spaces converted into a playhouse and a new ‘horsie’ themed bedroom. (and two rooms for me to re-do so its a win-win!)

We have started to create a board just for her new room/outdoor playspace on Pinterest.  She is picking out most of the pins on the Boards: Childs Play on The Farm and Kerringtons Horse Themed Bedroom.  ( — link will bring you to all our Farm Inspired pins.

I don’t have any photos just yet to share (I am working on getting the new room pieces together: so far we have the bed, bedding, and dresser.) but will as soon as a more concrete plan is in place!  I am debating bead board and wall paper too.  So lots of planning going on, but nothing to share as of yet.  Soon though!

Today I’d love to share with you her bedroom at The RHAPSODY. (Our Current house).

This bedroom was the first room that she really truly had input into.  She was pretty firm on wanting blue walls and a rainbow polk-dot theme.  I have to say I loved creating this room but never took a full shot of the finished product so I regret to say I only have a few snippets for you and they really don’t do this beautiful room justice!

Bed, sheets and pillows all from Ikea. Wall colour is sweet bluette from Ben Moore


Wall Art is from a well-known local artist.


Can’t go wrong with a window like this one! (and a view that overlooks the lake to boot!)


lots of great play and tea parties galore!