We had a bit too much fun and got a little creative in the garden today!  There was a three-sisters mix that needed to be planted so we opted to have some fun with it by creating a tee-pee structure to trellis the seeds.

After we set the structure up we went searching for some wire to bind the top together and came across a chandelier in the garage.  All I had to do was look at Chris and he knew immediately what I was thinking and said: yea, I can do it.

And voila, in the midst of the corn maze, purple bean tunnel, sunflower fort and watermelon patch will be a very ‘glam’ three sisters tee-pee!

teepee 1

This is going to be such a colourful and fun space when it all fills in!  I wonder who will spend more time in it:  me or my daughter and her friends?!

teepee 2