We got chickens!  It all began with a pretty innocent visit to a local lavender farm.  We had spent some time talking to the farmer, and he had some unsexed Black Copper Maran chicks.  Before we knew it we planned to take six of them.  We all then came down with a pretty bad cold but found some time during the week to prep for their planned arrival this past weekend.

We had a very large old box that we used for the chicks to sit in, and Chris built a frame with mesh wire to go over it so that we could also put them out on the grass/yard covered while we were outside working on the larger coop.

chicken coop start

chicken coop 2

chicken coop 3

Once all that was complete we borrowed a heat lamp and purchased the necessary items for food and water for the chicks.  Kerrington was SO excited about the chicks.

chicken coop 4

chicken coop 9


How cute are they though?!